It is a wonderful spring for wild flowers this year. So many out at the same time – the purple orchids have just appeared amongst the white wild garlic and anemones, dead nettle, dainty stitchwort, vivid pink ragged robin, delicate tiny wild geraniums, blue bells, creamy yellow dead nettle, cowslips, bright yellow celandines and dandelions that shine like the sun.

The lightly scented aromas of the garlic and bluebells waft in the air as I ride my pony Harry around our local bridleways and lanes. Some prime places to see all these are Spong Wood at Elmsted, Yockletts Bank and Park Gate Down nature reserve near Stelling Minnis and Blean Woods near Canterbury. I love to see the fields full of sheep calling to their lambs as they gambol around , it’s fun to baa back at them too! There are lots of lovely gardens open to the public as part of the National Open Garden Scheme in Kent, raising money from donations for nursing and caring charities. Most gardens offer delicious tea with homemade cake.

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Lewana, Great Field Farm, Stelling Minnis